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The Styles Awards

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This Style Awards Goes Beyond Fashion

This Day (Lagos)
May 28, 2004
Posted to the web May 28, 2004

By Tunde Okoli

The organisers had insisted that it is designed to be similar in ranking to international events like the Oscars and the Grammys. Though in its maiden edition, ST. Moritz Styles Awards 2004 appears to be moving towards this realisation on board of Eko Tourist Boat venue of the St. Moritz Style Cruise last Saturday.

It was an event the organisers said "will serve as a benchmark for award ceremonies not only in Lagos but Nigeria as a whole." This probably accounts for the reason why journalists defied the heavy downpour that rocked parts of Lagos that Saturday and trouped out in large numbers to attend the press briefing announcing the event. The event, which held aboard Eko Tourist Boat cruising at 150kmph on the Lagoon, was tagged the St. Moritz Style Cruise.

The cruise on the Lagoon while the briefing lasted was stylish in all ramifications. It was an evening where pleasure mixed with splendour. With electrifying DJ Jimmy Jatt handling the jukebox, participants on board were treated to a scintillating session of musical entertainment.

There was plenty to eat and drink against the background of Jimmy Jatt dishing out cool remix of rave tunes and good selection from oldies. The enthusiastic crowd of media men and women dance gyrate to dancehall beats on the deck and inner bowels of the Eko Tourist Boat. Entertainment continued as the boat cruise steadily on the Lagoon enroute Apapa Wharf, Takwa Bay, Tin Can Island territorial waters before turning back tracing the same route back to the Officer's Mess Jetty, Onikan, Lagos its take-off point.

Welcoming journalists on board the boat and event, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, Brand Manager, St. Moritz, averred that the venue was chosen for the briefing because it reflects flair and creativity which are common denominators for style.

She explained that many people in Nigeria today holds the opinion that style is all about fashion. On the contrary, she said "...to us, style goes beyond fashion. It is the distinguishing way in which something is done, said, written, made, executed, or expressed. style therefore encompasses every facet of our human existence."

In essence therefore, she affirmed that the St. Moritz Style Awards will provide an opportunity to stretch the brand's style platform and its positioning to include additional facets of style, which further demonstrates the brand's commitment and quality contribution to the style industry.

"The St. Moritz Style Awards will be the first of its kind in Nigeria. Its organization and profile will be comparable to the internationally acclaimed Oscar and Grammy events. It will reflect the excellent qualities for which the St. Moritz brand is known namely; style leadership, exclusivity, international stature and all round confidence," she maintained.

She further announced that the event will be strictly by invitation and will cater for 500 guests who will include individuals with style, pre-identified St. Moritz consumers as well as identified leaders in the style industry. "Only adults above the age of eighteen will be allowed at the event," she added.

Already, the event has been earmarked to hold inside the Expo Centre of the Le Meridien Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, July 10, 2004. The choice of the venue, according to Wangi, is hinged on the fact that it is "a luxurious location which will offer all guests the security and comfort that is in keeping with our style," adding that "Guests will be welcomed in style and will be treated to a cocktail upon arrival. There will also be entertainment by The Steve Rhodes Orchestra, Yinka Davies and Style Plus.

In all, the St. Moritz Style Awards comprises of 16 categories. They include: building design, fashion design, fashion outlet, hair design, car design, magazine, interior design, and fashion accessory. others are: photography, hotel, restaurant, night club, airline, communication tool, computing device and, entertainment unit.

For effective participation, the award categories has been thrown open to individuals and or corporate organisations to make their entries. However, this can only be done via press or the website as would be announced later by the organisers. Nevertheless, Wangi explained that intending participants can make their entries through the press by filling the entry form which will be dully published in the print media.

The entries which commenced on Monday, May 24 is expected to run through to Sunday, June 6.

The mode of entry is also in according with the federal law banning underage from participating in any activity hosted by cigarette companies. The organisers affirmed that "Entries will be opened to persons aged 18 years and above in the case of individuals and corporate organizations only," adding that entries will be judged based on the following criteria as applies to the category: coherence, personality, atmosphere, ambience, service, hospitality, character, image, identity, technique, execution, flair, attitude, quality and style."

"All entries must be submitted with proofs depicted as visual presentations (e.g photographs. VHS video tapes or high resolution digital images) and accompanied by duly completed entry forms downloaded from either the website or detached from press publications."

In addition, entries must be clearly marked (St. Moritz Style Awards 2004) and can either be submitted on-line or by courier to any of the designated addresses as will be contained in the print media publication and website.

The organisers also announced that nominations will be made from entries collated. After the nominations, voting and judging will be organised to select the winner in each category. Wangi also added that the "entire selection process will be monitored by PriceWatersHouseCoopers."

Meanwhile, PriceWatersHouseCoopers spokesperson at the event asserts that "PriceWatersHouseCoopers will be working directly with the project team to set out procedures to ensure transparency in the selection process. Ours is to ensure strict adherence to the terms of the procedures. We are not the judges. PriceWatersHouseCoopers is there to ensure that there is fairness and equity in the selection of final winners," he said.

For Wangi, "For the first time in the history of awards in the country, members of the public will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of a final winner.

"The final selection of the winner will be by public voting and a judging panel," she said.

The Style Awards is expected to usher in a new dawn of hi-tech and high quality products. St. Moritz in its characteristic manner of associating with people of class, taste and elegance will be identifying and rewarding Nigeria's most stylish practitioners in all the categories mentioned earlier at the awards.

For example, the most stylish car in the country in terms of design and functionality will be identified, and award given to the designers. Also architects behind stylish architectural buildings in Nigeria will receive awards based on the uniqueness of their works regardless of whether it is residential or commercial edifices.

Another interesting facet which Style Awards will focus on are communication tools sector which has witnessed the influx of modern, hi-tech communication tools from the technology giants in Europe, Asia, and America.

The Style Awards will also reward style in the airline, hotel, restaurant, and night club sectors, among others. It is an all compassing awards organised to recognise captivating style in relevant fields.

Going down memory lane, Wangi recalled that the brand has made its mark in its chosen promotional area, style. "Renowned for years as a premium brand with highly aspirational values, St. Moritz made its debut into the Style Scene in December 2001, when it hosted 'The St. Moritz Style Selection', a widely acclaimed fashion event, which was held in Port Harcourt.

"Since then, we have been able to raise the bar of fashion consciousness and the St. Moritz Style Selection has become the benchmark and reference point for fashion shows in Nigeria.

Despite the success of Style Selection since 2001, the event has been fundamentally skewed towards fashion, though the last edition was expanded to include style living, it still does not encompass all facets of style."


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ewo! this article long abeg and I dey lazy to read am @Vince my dear can you pls give a summary? thanks in advance
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