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Weird Advice from people

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..still The Drama Queen!
What are some of the weirdest advice you have heard from people?
You will be amazed at the types of advice(s) [sic] you will get from people you even considered 'FRIENDS' and some family IF you dare to tell them some 'bad' things and wait for their responses!

Most are so FAST to give you advice you know are soooooo definitely NOT what they would do, ever!!!

People are indeed funny! BEST way to know the inner hearts of some peeps is to tell them some sad and unhappy things in your life (faked and exaggerated) and hear Dr. Phil (evil) show up in crazy words!


Thank God for my stubbornness sha, Thank God Life has taught me early enough before time for mega super decisions to LISTEN to my inner voice! I pray, and wehn I get peace, I DO ME! i DO WHAT I WANT TO DO, NO APOLOGIES to no one! Simples! I live with my wise decisions and mistakes! #MyResponsibility!
Not open for further replies.