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Why do they make movies in parts?

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It is obviously a commercial reason. Although the filmmakers argue with you and say otherwise. I was in Ralph Nwadike's office doing an interview and I asked him why Survivors was in more than One Part. He said after dropping several scenes, he still had more than 3 hours of footage - and that cannot fit into one part.

Is it that our screenwriters don't know how to guage what will fit into 90mns? Or they want to pay Genevieve for one movie, while getting two out of it?

Those who know better have suggested it is the sign of lazy writing for a story to go more than one part. Use your scissors. Cut the thing. Too much dialogue? Many scenes can be deleted, especially in the yoruba movies where they plug in Papiluwe or Baba Suwe for that totally irrelevant comedy aside. You watch the bit and you wonder, what the heck has that got to do with the movie?

Some stories will require that you go beyond 90mins of course, but that should be part of the idea from the start, and the screenwriter should have enough material to fill up the time, not adding dialogues to pad.


The annoying thing about the parts they finally sell is that even a blind man can see that the story was stretched beyond breaking point. I believe that they are too concerned with keeping their names out there and ensuring two movies from one actor and paying for one because technically,It really is one movie,one script abi?
As for those plugs of Baba Suwe and Papiluwe right in the middle of an interesting story, with no respect or regard for the hard working,sleep deprived,completely engrossed person watching who spent his or her full $10 to buy the dvd only to get home and find that there is a part two and that you have to get up about every 45mins to change the dvd from disc A to disc B in order to finish the part one sef and ------ (I am sorry,i digress). Those plugs are uncalled for and honestly, sometimes downright annoying but i understand where they stand because some people will buy a dvd because of Baba Suwe or Papiluwe's face on the cover. Those actors have a very wide fan base and their faces on covers continues to sell movies.

It is a marketing strategy that works for them everytime and so do not expect any changes any time soon.

I also think that when you have the writer as the director and producer and sometimes actor, it becomes very difficult to step back and take an objective look at the work because you live and breathe the work for so long that every gesture seems intrinsic to the success of the film.

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I think the two posts have already pointed out the reasons why they do it.
I don't see any reason why they cannot put the whole thing in one production.Sometimes they put some silly party sequences in the movies that last 10-15 minutes!!:eek: just to stretch things.That is cheap,corny and pathetic.I personally do not believe in making movies in parts except it is unavoidable.
Nothing wrong in making movies that are 100+ long as long as they are engrossing enough.
It is just a cheap amateurish way of making more money.:cool:


movies part

most of these movie do not need any part, the unnecessary part should be put aside and let them straight to the point, sometime i really prefer to watch the yourubas movies cos its purely local and most of their second part sometimes make meaning than the english home videos and pls enough love scene on the air, if they cant shoot the real love seen they should act something more local than faking to be in hollywood.
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