Why most of my movies revolve around women - Oga Bello


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Veteran actor, Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO in this interview about his life as an actor, a father and other issues. Excerpts:

You have four of your children in the same profession that has brought you wealth and fame, but despite your achievements, you don’t seem to be giving up. Don’t you think by now you should be leaving the stage for your children by now?
I am not contesting with any of them and neither are we clashing. The sky is big enough to accommodate all birds however big or small. The fact is that I get more scripts now than I got before. My fans still want to see me on the screen. They have not told me they are tired of seeing me .I am not feeling tired at all. Why should I stop acting when I still have the ability to do it? Aside that, you don’t retire from acting, you rather move with time as you grow old. You will remain relevant in whatever you do if you can move with time.

Oga Bello