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Yoruba Actress, Yetunde Akilapa Caught Stealing, Beaten Mercilessly


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I’m beginning to think that this beautiful actress, Yetunde Akilapa, has some serious spiritual problem:
She was caught earlier in 2013 with about 100 master keys trying to steal valuables in her compound in Lagos in a very controversial matter, but she was later released. Just this week, the same actress has been again in the act in the Magodo area of Lagos.
On the morning of Sunday January 12, 2014, there was a loud noise around No 15 Ibitayo street, in Magodo Phase 2, Lagos, as people were shouting ”thief thief”! and running after a lady in black dress…
The lady, without shoes, tried running inside a walled estate. Unfortunately for her, before she could get to the gate, the security on duty mobilised and caught her.
She was escorted back to number 15 Ibitayo street where she had earlier been caught inside one of the master bedroom with a bunch of master keys hidden in her brassiere.
Actress Yetunde Akilapa was beaten mercilessly before she was later handed over to the police. So sad!
source: h ttp://w ww.informationng.com/2014/01/yoruba-actress-yetunde-akilapa-caught-stealing-beaten-mercilessly.html

Yoruba actress, Yetunde Akilapa turns serial robber
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In what looked like a repeat of what happened last year, Nollywood actress, Yetunde Akilapa, has been arrested again for allegedly burgling a house at 16, Ibitayo Street, Magodo Phase 2, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria.

The incident happened in the morning when one the occupants of the apartment reportedly returned home to pick something which she forgot earlier in the day.

According to our source, “I believe that the nanny in the house must know about the burglary because there is no way the lady would have gained access to the room if an insider had not given her the lead.
The occupant forgot to take something to church and sent her sibling to take it only to find Akilapa inside their flat. When the actress was asked how she got into the apartment, she simply pushed the occupant’s sister aside and ran out of the apartment.”

A security guard in the estate who witnessed the incident told our correspondent how the lady was arrested for the alleged crime.

“I saw the pretty lady coming out of the house and I stopped her but she did not wait. She looked back and continued running. That was when I noticed that something was wrong with her.

“Immediately, I ran after her and started shouting ‘thief’, ‘thief’ but before I got to the gate, a mob had caught her. She was beaten and a bunch of keys was found in her bra before policemen were brought in to salvage the situation.”

Police sources revealed that she was taken to Isheri Police Station for further investigation. She was later released on bail after she told her interrogators that it was a set up.

Efforts by our reporter to speak to Akilapa proved futile.

Akilapa was sent to prison in February last year for allegedly being in possession of a bunch of 100 master keys which she was alleged to have stolen.

On that occasion, the actress claimed to have just acted with a bunch of 100 keys in a movie titled Bunmi Akata, which she produced.
Akilapa accused the mob that was about to lynch her of unjust assault and unlawful accusation because she was in possession of a bunch of keys and a weave-on.

“They later handed me over to the policemen at Alade Divisional Headquarters,” she said.

The case was later dismissed for lack of diligent prosecution at the Chief Magistrates’ Court, Yaba, Lagos, late last year.
source:http ://ww w. nigerianeye.com/2014/01/yoruba-actress-yetunde-akilapa-turns.html
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