Yoruba girl learns to roller-skate with Skate Gangs of Lagos!


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Nigeria Sport: Yoruba girl learns to roller-skate with Skate Gangs of Lagos! - YouTube

Football is the most popular sport in Nigeria but there’s a new challenger now competing for the hearts, minds and feet of young Nigerians – roller-skating!

“I think I’m shaking! Don’t leave me!” shouts Odunayo, our own correspondent who rushes from church to meet them at the National stadium, Surulere – to learn to skate.

There are numerous roller-skating clubs – or gangs – across Nigeria with names such as Wonderous Move Skaters’ Club, Extreme Wheels Club or Young Quality International Skaters Club.
They perform a variety of twists, turns and stunts – and are most commonly seen as they hold onto Danfo buses, okadas and other automobiles to travel in Lagos.

“I saw them skating and I liked it and joined them,” says Michale who has been skating for two years. “We skate outside when its necessary – when we do roadwork to train… but I have not had an accident, I don’t do thinks that cause accident.”

The different clubs meet at Surulere to train at least once a week (normally on a Sunday):

“Skating is a profession and a special sports,” says Donald Ogbukeze, a coach for one of Nigeria’s roller-skating clubs. “So many people skate because they don’t like to go into football, boxing, karate or other crazy sports – so skating is a free sport with general exercise.”

But it’s not all sports and training, as the skaters have found a practical use for their roller-skates – by being paid for corporate promotions, such as handing out flyers, etc on the streets of Lagos.


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She is adorable. I love her outfit o, she get liver small. Those skate gangs are very good.