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Yoruba language is dying! Do you agree?


Mr. Lover Man
I dont know what U yoruba-speaking ROOKIES are talking about..the language is live and well..perhaps when U're hanging wiff ya bota-cronies una dey fok am up like sey it's an english subsidiary....but those who speak Ijinle speak Ijinle with aplomb...yes because of the changing world and the influence of technology you can't help but call certain words the way the oyiboman invent am..but still...even with that...Yorubas keep reinventing the language and keeping it real:Examples of the yoruba versions of english words:

1.Telephone:Ero Ibani-soro
2.Cellular Phone or GSM:ERo Ibanisoro Agbe'kiri(or Agbe kaakiri :D)
3.Television:Ero amohun m'aworan
4.ATM:Ero Agba'ke Po'wo (takes card and spits money)
5.Aeroplane: Baluu
6.Radio: As'oro Magb'esi(talks but never waits for reply:D)
7.Two Seater Moto: So kin so
8.Orange Juice: Omi Osan :D

I think Aeroplane is more likly to be called Oko Ofurufu, Baluu is more likely to be Baloon/Blimp