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YouTube poised to enter subscription business

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The next time you click on a YouTube video, you might be asked to pony up some cash before it plays.

The Google-owned online video site is getting ready to enter the subscription business, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

The Internet's dominant source for online videos will allow content creators to charge a monthly fee to bring a broader range of entertainment to the platform, these people said.



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aaaahhh. u just gotta love the Internet age and the ideas that roll in the millions in USA.

Dear LORD Jesus, e joor, please give me/us/anyone [that believes], that one idea that would make us a Zuckerberg too, In Jesus Name Amen.

becos in this America, all you need is just one idea! See SHARK TANK on ABC station?? Shows that American dream for this country possible till tomorrow! Hah!! <grinding teeth>


..still The Drama Queen!
Lol, you don proper Yankify... remember there is another place you Americans call 'The Rest Of The World'... teehee!

Hee hee hee @Yankify

I know there are 'the rest of the world'....but how come all these techie things, Facebook, Yahoo,Google, Twitter etc etc come out from Yankee..? What is/are 'the rest of the world' doing???? :D


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And the people who come up with them are from the "rest of the world". Steve Jobs's parents are immigrants, for one. I'm too lazy to look up the rest.

Gen Sani Abacha

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The World Wide Web on which the facebook, twitter etc run, was created originally by a Brit, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, when he was based at Cern in Switzerland.
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